We are currently seeking a limited number of creators for our free beta group that comes with a ton of great perks including lifetime membership to our service that helps you grow your audience and grow your business. Please read below and click the link if interested. Any beta testers are welcome. Please feel free to share!

Today, there are millions of creators trying to get noticed by the right audience. There is a fight where every notch up in Google could mean thousands more page views. Where getting picked up in the charts or “best of” list can catapult you ahead. But, what if you don’t fall into one of those categories? How do you get noticed if you are just starting out, or building a following, or just outside of the prime real estate?

AffiliNet is a way to connect you to the right people without having to meticulously craft SEO content, manage complicated ad campaign settings, or pound social media. We help you grow your audience by introducing you to the people who are most likely to enjoy your content. The best part is, we give you the power to to pick who those people are.

As a creator, we provide you direct access to your ideal subscribers by allowing you to choose the websites that best represent your content. Then, when AffiliNet app users visit those websites, we introduce you by linking them your website, blog, podcast, video channel, or affiliate. You get to step to the front of the line and get noticed by people you want to get noticed by. In effect, you turn any website into a traffic magnet of perfect subscribers.

BTW, AffiliNet app users are dedicated fans that have our app specifically to find new blogs, podcasts and video channels that are not ranked high in Google, or on a top chart, or otherwise generically compiled. They want to find new content that is relevant to them. We provide them that content by introducing you.

App users find new and interesting content, and creators find new and interesting subscribers.

It’s simple and efficient. Everyone wins!

Sound good? Click on the link below to join.


Beta Benefits:

  • Free lifetime membership to AffiliNet (we will help you grow your audience)
  • Drive traffic from any 10 websites that have your ideal audience (create high-quality traffic magnets of potential subscribers)
  • Priority ranking within AffiliNet for early members (get seen--first come, first serve)
  • Free advertising through our Community Spotlight (homepage, blog, and social media shout outs)
  • Free access to AffiliNet analytics (track your progress)
  • Free “Bonus Link” button to link to any outside affiliate links (described in more detail for beta participants)
  • Potential to be featured in descriptive screenshots (more free advertising)
  • And more

Beta Eligibility:

  • Do you have a blog, podcast or video channel?
  • Do you want to grow your audience?
  • Will you provide feedback on our service?

Beta participation:

  • Help us identity bugs and improvements
  • Participate in a short exit survey
  • Spread the word (much appreciated)

We appreciate you checking us out.

--Sean and the AffiliNet team

Any beta testers are welcome. Please feel free to share!