Blogs, podcasts and video channels are great, but with millions of options, it's almost impossible to find truly unique content. Especially when the tools we have reward paid advertisements and the most popular 1%. Plus, no one wants to spend time searching, we just want the results.

So, what happens? A lot of quality content gets buried while the consensus, optimized or paid content gets pushed to the top.

How do you know that those are the best options for you? What if you don’t want an ad? What if you don’t want the most popular? What if you want something new, or interesting, or under-the-radar? How do you tap into those other millions without wasting a ton of time?

We have a solution.

Whenever you visit a website, we show you the bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, and streamers with similar content. Easily explore their stuff with clickable links and descriptions. Plus, get access to their exclusive affiliate deals, which could save you money on things you were already going to purchase.

You decide what you see based on the websites you love.

Don't settle for the generic results displayed to everyone. Discover the right content for you.


It’s hard to grow your audience.

Churning out quality content on a regular basis. Building email lists with lead magnets and opt ins. Orchestrating email marketing campaigns. Carefully crafting content for SEO. Leveraging affiliate marketing. Engaging on social media. Utilizing online advertising. It’s a grind. And, none of it guarantees success.

We want to make it easier for you.

Just tell us the websites that best describe your content. Or another way to think of it is, where does your target audience hangout online? Then, when AffiliNet App users visit your selections, we show them a personalized description of your content and link to all your best stuff, even affiliate offers. That way, you meet the people who are most likely going to enjoy your content. And, they get to meet a new favorite creator. Everyone’s happy.

Get discovered by your target audience.


Are you looking for ways to increase your monthly passive income? We can help! AffiliNet was designed with affiliate marketers in mind.

We take a two-pronged approach. First, our membership service supercharges any of your existing affiliate programs. We help you generate more clicks and sales by allowing you to appear on any website and linking to your affiliates. That means you can post your affiliate links anywhere, including your affiliates’ websites, which allows you to benefit from the same customer overlap that they realize when you send them sales and earn a commission. Second, create a new monthly passive income stream with our own affiliate program. We pay 20-50% monthly commissions and even have options for sub-affiliate payouts, discounts and rewards. Check it out.

We want to be the centerpiece of your affiliate marketing program.

Get paid for helping connect the right people to the right content.


A tragic event inspired us to donate 20% of our profits to charitable causes.

Our world was rocked in the summer of 2016. That's when the five-year-old daughter of a dear friend was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a very rare and aggressive type of pediatric soft tissue and bone cancer. She fought a brave and inspiring battle that lasted over a year.

When she passed, it was absolutely heartbreaking. Countless tears were shed. Beliefs were questioned. Nothing made sense. It was one of the most difficult experiences of our lives.

With something so tragic, it leaves you desperately seeking answers. Searching for closure. How could this happen? The endless whys. This can’t be the end, can it?

One of the only things that gave us any sort of solace is knowing how many people she touched through her brave story. And, the hope that her short life created a ripple of inspired action that would have an eternal impact.

We agreed that we would do our part to help her parents carry on Piper’s Legacy.

The truth is, her strength empowered us. Empowered us to bring something good out of a completely tragic event. Empowered us to build a business we would be proud of. A business that would not only help people through our services, but also help people through donations.

Why do we donate 20% of our profits to charitable causes? Because a tough and sassy little girl. We miss you Pipes.

We appreciate your support.


AffiliNet was founded by me, Sean Coleman and my wife Sherri out of our home in Avon Lake, Ohio.

After almost 15 years in corporate finance and starting a family with my daughter Madeline and son Grant, I began feeling a sense of emptiness with my work. Where I was once drawn to career advancement and business success, I now wanted to be home laughing with my wife and kids.

I decided to reprioritize my life.

I took inventory of how I was spending my time, and realized that there was a disconnect with what I truly valued and where I was investing my energy. I promised I would make a change. I did not want to wake up 10 years from now and think I missed my kids growing up. I decided that the freedom I needed would have to be created. I decided to start a business.

So, I researched starting and growing an online business. I researched a lot. I listened, I read and I watched. As I consumed, I saw thousands of other people learning alongside me. Learning to start a business online. And, there are millions more.

I thought to myself, how are all of these creators going to get noticed by the right people. And, what if they don't?

The current answer is they hustle and work really hard optimizing their content to rank high on Google (along with a slew of other strategies), but it’s still incredibly difficult to get discovered. Out of millions of people, there are only a few ads and a handful of results on a Google page. Those are terrible odds.

Likewise, that means there are terrible odds of people finding the best content for them. For example, even when I got really creative with my online business searches, I still found the same group of 10-20 people at the top of the search results. Surely, there are other online business creators out there. But, I didn’t find them.

The current system heavily favors established creators, paid advertisements and popular results. That means newer bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers and streamers get buried in the pack and fans miss an opportunity to find some really great content.

That’s why AffiliNet was born. As a way to connect the right people to the right content. So fans get to easily tap into the vast potential and find exciting new content based on their favorite interests. And, creators get to easily find the fans that are most likely going to enjoy their content. As a bonus, we get to support online entrepreneurship so others can follow their passion, take a risk, or build an empire.

Everyone wins!

Thanks for visiting. We appreciate you.

Sean and the AffiliNet Team

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