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Get Discovered With AffiliNet!

It's hard to get discovered, let alone by the right people. How do you get noticed if you are just starting out, or building a following, or just outside the prime real estate? How do you compete with other creators in your niche that have the reviews, the followers, the resources to spend on advertising, and the Google rankings?

You can use the same playbook as everyone else, and get incremental results over time. You know the deal; optimize for SEO, pound social media, build email lists, analyze massive amounts of traffic, manage complicated ad campaigns, and many others. But, that all takes time away from what you really want to do, which is create valuable content for your audience.

Or, you can change the game with AffiliNet!

AffiliNet allows you to easily reach the people you want to reach; fans interested in your niche who will likely enjoy your content. After a quick setup, our service is automated. Just tell us the websites your target audience enjoys (for example, someone reading ESPN would likely enjoy a sports blog — you get the idea). Then, when our extension users visit, we introduce you by linking to your content, website and social media.

By the way, AffiliNet app users are passionate fans that have our extension specifically to find new blogs, podcasts and video channels not ranked high in Google, at the top of a chart, or otherwise generically compiled. They recognize that the most popular result isn't always going to be the best fit because everyone has their own unique interests and personal preferences. They are tired of the same tools that return the same results.

The AffiliNet extension provides a personalized list of recommended content that changes based on the websites visited. Think of it like Netflix or Spotify recommendations, but for blogs, podcasts and video channels. That way, fans find new content that is relevant to them without having to search for it. We provide them that content by introducing you.

It's a perfect match because you create content in a niche they enjoy.

But, the current system makes it extremely difficult for you to make this connection because it rewards established creators and the most popular content. Fans get spoon-fed the same generic results, and a lot of quality creators get buried, never to be seen.

AffiliNet connects the right people to the right content regardless of size, influence or ranking. We allow smaller or newer creators to compete on a larger scale while giving fans access to some really cool content they can’t find on their own.

Everyone wins!

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